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Hey! I'm Adete

Welcome to my corner on the internet. This website is a consolidation of my all professional work and presence on the internet. You can check out the links to my writing, videos, services, and social media handles below. If you enjoy anything in particular and want to reach out, you can get in touch here.

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The Alphabet Watercolor

 Me in 20 seconds 

  • I live in Delhi and work as a freelance writer, creator, and video host.

  • I thrive on coffee, love painting, and have studied Psychology and Journalism.  

  • I am fascinated by the concept of growth in every sphere — personal, professional, intellectual, mindset, and monetary, among others.  I write blogs on these topics on Medium

  • I make videos around growth on Instagram and YouTube. 

  • I share rants and my insights on writing and life on Twitter

  • I also have a newsletter, which is not very regular at the moment. But you can subscribe here. 

  • Things that excite me — creative pursuits, people's journies, behavioral psychology, personal finance, cultural shifts and changes, philosophy, healthy living, productivity, content strategy, and writing of course.  

In addition to creating content for my personal brand and social media channels, I write and edit long-form blogs on culture, content and creator economy, social media, and SAAS.  


Besides that, I host/anchor YouTube videos and live sessions for brands as well as consult small businesses and early-stage startups on their content strategy.

Check here for my portfolio and services

Writing & Editing


        Work with me 

Content Strategy

                What do I do?  

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Articles on personal and professional growth on Medium

Videos to help you navigate life in less than 30 seconds a day. 

Bite-sized info on how to navigate life & the world of online writing

Videos on intentional living, habit building, and creativity

A 10-step guide to getting first 10k followers on Instagram. 

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