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Hey! I'm Adete​

I am a content strategist, online educator, and creator (photography, writing, the works!)


I help new creators and solopreneurs take charge of their brand online and start money quickly using the power of content.   


What I teach in my workshops and through my free content is based on over 6 years of experience working with clients in the content and social media space as well as growing my own personal brand on Instagram. 

When I'm not helping budding and fearless creators make the leap into starting their own businesses, I create content on self-growth, business, and lifestyle. 



After working as a journalist and content writer for five years, I quit my job in 2019 to pursue working for myself. I started a jewelry business and soon realized it wasn't my cup of tea. Then I began work on another business with my brother – a vegan beverage startup that is doing splendidly despite the pandemic hitting us all hard in 2020. And a lot of that success has to do with, you guessed it, social media. 



When I started working as a newbie in the content sphere, I wish there was someone out there to help me understand the ropes. And while there was a lot of information available on the internet, it wasn't always easy to sift through and learn quickly. I KNOW the struggle and I want to help out others who are struggling with it. 

I know what it feels like to stumble around in the dark and not know what is going to work and what isn't. With my content, workshops, and guides, my aim is to put an end to this fumbling and stumbling around in the dark and help you grow your brand quickly and make money more easily.  

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