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Think Bucket: On passion, creativity and action

An Idea from Me

We’ve been told time and again that success can only be achieved by the pursuit of one goal with focus. I remember my parents quoting the famous saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none” to get me to choose a singular path.

I’ve learnt recently that the full saying has a completely different meaning from what I was told as a child. It goes, “Jack of all trades is master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”. The phrase was formerly intended as a compliment!

Following multiple passions is not the problem it’s made out to be. In fact, it is most probably the recipe to success.

An inspirational thought

In his book, Born to Run, musician Bruce Springsteen has written about the pursuit of art and creativity, and why it’s important. This particular paragraph always stood out to me:

“The primary math of the real world is one and one equals two. The layman (as, often, do I) swings that every day. He goes to the job, does his work, pays his bills and comes home. One plus one equals two. It keeps the world spinning. But artists, musicians, con men, poets, mystics and such are paid to turn that math on its head, to rub two sticks together and bring forth fire. Everybody performs this alchemy somewhere in their life, but it’s hard to hold on to and easy to forget. People don’t come to rock shows to learn something. They come to be reminded of something they already know and feel deep down in their gut. That when the world is at its best, when we are at our best, when life feels fullest, one and one equals three. It’s the essential equation of love, art, rock ’n’ roll and rock ’n’ roll bands. It’s the reason the universe will never be fully comprehensible, love will continue to be ecstatic, confounding, and true rock ’n’ roll will never die.”

– Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run

A question for you

Here’s a simple question with far-reaching implications:

Can my current trajectory lead me to my desired future?

Until next week,

Adete Dahiya

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