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Podcasts I'm currently listening to

Podcasts and audiobooks have become an intrinsic part of my day. Whenever I'm doing chores or going for a walk or driving down to get groceries, I prefer to listen to these over anything else.

Even in the mornings, when I don't feel like reading an actual book, I'll start my day by listening to a podcast instead. I listen to these on Spotify but, they're available across all popular podcast platforms.

Here are the ones I'm listening to at present:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience: This is one of those podcasts that makes you dive deep into the psyche and thought process of another person. I absolutely love Rogan's delivery and style as well as the guests he has on. The best part is that you can choose which guests you want to listen to. His podcast is for days when I have a lot of time on hand and when I just want to listen and do nothing else. Very interesting conversations.

  2. Big Conversations by Haley Hoffman Smith: This woman is a mindset and manifestation coach based out of New York. Her podcast centres around business conversations, growth, and mindset shifts. I genuinely enjoy the way she speaks as well as the topics she dives into. Sometimes there are guests on her show as well, which is an added bonus.

  3. Naval: Currently tripping over how awesome Naval Ravikant is! So, naturally, I'm listening to his podcast. I'm also reading the book written about his learnings called the Almanack of Naval Ravikant. I love how much clarity he has about the concepts he discusses and how simply he can explain them. Plus there is so much to learn about wealth creation, businesses and life in general from him.

  4. Anna Faris is Unqalified: I LOVE Anna Faris and her comic timing and it's quite apparent in the podcast as well. She talks to other celebs (especially in the comedy space) about their journeys and it's a lot of fun to listen to. This is for the days when I don't want to be around serious stuff and want to lighten my mood.

  5. The Tim Ferris Show: For those who don't know, Tim Ferris is the author of The 4-Hour Work Week. I personally am not a huge fan of the book. I believe it oversimplifies the concept of working less. However, Tim's blog and podcast are a gold mine of experiments and insights. He talks well and it's interesting to listen to him. His choice of topics is also quite interesting and ranges from self-development to AI to mental health.

  6. 5-minute Business Book Summaries: I have started reading a lot of business books and it's not always a good idea to purchase the book only to realise it doesn't interest me. So I use this podcast and a couple of Youtube channels to get a summary of the book and see if I'm going to enjoy reading it or not. It's quick and efficient and saves me money.

  7. Feel Better, Live More by Dr Rangan Chatterjee: I listen to this one occasionally when a topic catches my eye, but I like Dr Chatterjee's approach towards life and that's why I find his talks interesting.

This list keeps changing depending on my mood and if I come across newer podcasts. But for the most part, these are some that I keep coming back to time and again. It's a lot better than listening to the news the first thing in the morning anyways.

Happy listening you guys!

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